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Friday, May 27, 2011

Suffering from Americanism

Are we frustrated with the way things are?
Would we like them to change?
What can we do about it?
Let's talk about that...

Hi, I'm Lolly (not my real name), I'm an Americanaholic...

Tongue in cheek, I say this, but after listening to Mr. Mosley, I am convinced. We have a serious problem and we are living in denial. I ordered this book from, my favorite place to order new and used books.
I don't want to waste anymore time pondering the idea of what is wrong, I want to take some kind of personal responsibility.
I think I am doing this everyday with the simple decisions I make, like, not shopping at Wal-mart, spending inordinate amounts of time recycling everything I can, trying to purchase only what I really need. I'm up-cycling, recycling, buying organic, natural products. I don't eat meat.
We keep hearing that we are the richest country in the world.
Mr. Mosley puts it into a perspective I haven't heard before, interpreting our common wealth as the value of each individual. It is not right that as wealthy in resources as our America is that so many of us are truly in the "working class". That group of people who, if out of work for more that 2 weeks, stand to loose everything.
Middle class people, apparently can last a year before they have to panic.
This has to stop. And I believe that, "yes we can" start talking about change in a real way. Change that will improve all of our lives.
The wealth of our America belongs to us.
Listen to what he has to say. Maybe read his book with me and lets keep a conversation going.
It's So Good for us all to find the answers and not look to leaders who are after their own interests, way out of our league and leaving us in their dust.

What can we do? We have to talk about it. Let's start talking...

Twelve Steps Toward Political Revelation

by Walter Mosley


"In his late teens and early twenties, Walter Mosley was addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. Drawing from this intimate knowledge of addiction and recovery, Mosley explores the deviances of contemporary America and describes a society in thrall to its own consumption. Although Americans live in the richest country on earth, many citizens exist on the brink of poverty, and from that profound economic inequality stems self-destructive behavior.
In Twelve Steps to Political Revelation, Mosley outlines a guide to recovery from oppression. First we must identify the problems that surround us. Next we must actively work together to create a just, more holistic society. And finally, power must be returned to the embrace of the people.
Challenging and original, Recovery confronts both self-understanding and how we define ourselves in relation to others."

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