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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Serendipity and The Power of Rowing of Rowing the Boat

Last Wed night, I made the comment that, "I feel like I am pretending to believe in GOD".
My study group was meeting at my home.

My sister and I have both been struggling with different life issues, trying to stay positive and hopeful and not give in to our own negative thinking. We had just held hands that morning and prayed. Not feeling like we were really believing, but deciding to just trust, even in our individual states of disbelief, in the power outside of our own understanding to change our conditions, we held hands and prayed.

"Funny you should bring that up", the leader of my group said. "I have noticed that we all pray in church and then don't expect the changes we pray for. We don't seem to believe."
My study group went on to talk about believing. We brought up miracles. I mentioned that miracles are the only reason I have any faith to believe at all, but that the miracles I meet are little, everyday miracles. Things that, buy themselves, just don't seem possible to have happened...

Like my car breaking down, not on the freeway, but right in the middle of a busy street where there was a nook cut out of the road for just the purpose of pushing a car out of the way. And there just happened to be a man able to push it out of the way, who just happened to be there at just the right time and who didn't turn his back on us but came flying across the street offering such help, and who knew what to do and how to calm my friend from panic. Miracles. I say, miracles.

I was just about ready to take off on a long trip, and had almost forfeited the rental thinking I had my car so nicely packed and it seemed to be driving so well.
"I think you had better take the rental", my friend had advised. "Your car has so many miles on it and you just don't know..."

We say that the "devil is in the details". More so, GOD is.

This morning I got up and thought maybe it is time to "look for a J.O.B."
Someone in my head said, "You are an entrepreneur, you are an entrepreneur, you are an entrepreneur."
So instead, I decided to get busy with figuring out my next move. Find a way to overcome the next hurdle.

I had just traveled to San Manuel this past weekend to meet with another entrepreneur to see if we thought our ideas could be meshed or how we could help each other. He had responded to a post I had been advised by my SBA to make on Craigslist as a test to check interest in my idea. He couldn't have been a more perfect response. The power of rowing the boat.

I decided to investigate San Manuel a little more. I typed those keywords in the browser and up popped several links. One stood out,
I spent the better part of the day following his links, watching video's, reading his blog and other's, sending it to friends and posting it on facebook and twitter.

Serendipity. Miracles. Just the dose of medicine my soul needed.

Everything on his site was something I needed to hear or read. I sat fixed. He referenced success stories in his "entrepreneur of the month". He had clever ideas to solve simple problems of office clutter. All kinds of links to inspiration and advice not to mention his own.

So many wonderful people doing such wonderful things. What makes me think I can't as well?

The devil is in the details. More so, GOD is. And besides which, who is the stronger? Why do we spend any time listening to that fallen angel?

Our group talked about why we all "enjoy" talking about negative aspects of life so much. Why do we all spend so much time commiserating?

Just look at the smile on Tomas's face. He obviously has a lot of emotional capital.

Now, while I was downloading his picture and finding the link I wanted to reference to him, I ran into this mention on his site "Rest in Peace Little Rollie..." and just couldn't believe my eyes.

I started this blog so that I wouldn't have to change the existing front page on my other blog
because of an eerily similar tribute to my beloved Stevie. I can't seem to let her go and I want to see her sweet life in front of me at the click of a button.

Thank you Tomas for your site and all your obvious hard work.

Those are the miracles I'm talkin' about.

"Emotional Capital is the currency you use to wake up every day and fight the battle. It’s the passion, enthusiasm and positive outlook that propel you through your day, keeping you driven to achieve your goals. It’s the balancing of work, family, and emotional and physical health."

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